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Anlatsam Roman Olur Atölyesi

Do you have a life story that you think would be a novel if I told you, or a moment that you can never forget?

The turning point of his life...

In this workshop, we are meeting for you to immortalize that unique moment of experience by writing.

Our workshop, which includes 3 online lessons and applications to be held once a week; Suitable for any level participant who likes to write.

Our workshop "If I Tell, It Will Become a Novel", which will enable you to process step by step while learning how to write a lived story, consists of 3 modules.


Module 1: Introduction to Real Life Story Writing Techniques / Life Story Planning

Module 2: The Writing Phase of the Life Story / Placing Technical Control and Editing Elements

Module 3: Finalizing the Life Story / Evaluation of Dramatic Structure

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