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Membership Agreement

Our Creative Workshop Membership Service Agreement (Agreement) is between Turan Yücel (hereinafter referred to as "Our Creative Workshop" or "Company") and the person who has read and accepted the Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "Member" or "User"). has been signed under the conditions detailed below.

Our Creative Workshop, free workshops on the website, paid private workshops, our Creative Workshop membership, paid downloadable digital content (video, pdf, etc.), authorship trainings and resources that facilitate writing, improving writing skills and writing. It aims to provide a membership service that allows meeting and sharing with other members who love it.

Service: Offered by the company; Free workshops for members, paid private workshops, subscription to our Creative Workshop, paid digital downloadable content (video, pdf, etc.), providing resources to improve and facilitate members' writing, and creating a paid online platform to share with other members.
Website: The website named
Downloadable Digital Content: Video, pdf, audio, image files that are made available to members for an indefinite period of time, not included in paid private workshops, for a fee determined by the company.
Our Company/Creative Workshop: The legal entity that provides services on which it is legally owned and has the right and authority to dispose of.
Paid Private Workshop/Educational Videos: A workshop purchased for a specified fee, which is offered to free members and subscribers, which gives the buyer the right to use it at any time, and aims to provide training on a specific subject.
Member/Subscriber/User: The natural or legal person who registers on the Site and benefits from the services offered on the Site, within the terms specified in this Agreement.


4.1. Users who want to become a member of our Creative Workshop and benefit from the services in this system accept, declare and undertake to comply with the provisions of this Agreement. Persons who do not accept the Membership Agreement do not have the right to benefit from the service.
4.2. This Agreement, together with all the terms that may be included in the Agreement, explains the rights and obligations of the parties and supersedes any prior written or oral agreements, notices or representations made by any of the parties.
4.3. Changing the terms in the contract is under the authority of the Company, and the updated terms will be posted on the website.
5.1. Within the scope of the service, there is a free subscription to our Creative Workshop and a paid Creative Workshop subscription.
5.2. In order to become a member of our Creative Workshop and Creative Workshop groups, it is necessary to be at least eighteen (18) years old and/or have the capacity/authority to conclude a contract as per legal regulations.
5.3. Our Creative Workshop members can attend free workshops, paid private workshops and purchase digital downloadable content or subscribe to our Creative Workshop. Non-members do not have the opportunity to attend workshops, even if they are free.
5.4. Our Creative Workshop subscription is limited to the quota to be determined by the Company, and no member will be recruited if the determined quota is full. The opening of new subscriber registrations is at the discretion of the Company. In cases where new registration cannot be obtained, subscribers continue to benefit from paid private workshops or free workshops.
5.5. Subscribers to our Creative Workshop have the right to access workshops that were previously made available to our Creative Workshop subscribers, as well as new workshops that will be uploaded at intervals determined by the Company.
5.6. Upon the expiration of our Creative Workshop subscription, the right to access the workshops and all kinds of content within this scope is lost.
5.7. Paid private workshops offered by the Company are outside the scope of the service offered to our Creative Workshop members, and our members' ability to benefit from this service is subject to the purchase of the workshop by paying the fee determined by the Company.
5.8. Private paid workshops can be used and downloaded indefinitely by the purchaser. The member who purchased the workshop between the dates when the workshop was put into service has the right to contact the trainers and receive feedback. However, this right is only valid between the dates when the workshop is put into service on the site, and the Company and trainers do not undertake to provide feedback outside these dates.
5.9. The company reserves the right to add new membership types or remove existing membership types and make changes in the paid workshop service, except for the specified memberships. The member has the right to terminate the service if the said change is a substantial change in terms of existing members and to the detriment of the member.
5.10. Members can access information about their current membership by entering their username and password from the login section of the website.
5.11. The member is obliged to enter correct information about himself when creating an account, and to provide a valid payment method if he registers for paid workshops or our Creative Workshop.
5.12. Changes to be made in terms of membership conditions and types will be announced on the website, and the member is obliged to follow the website. The Company is not responsible for the losses incurred by the member due to the announced changes.

6.1. Membership to our Creative Workshop is free, while subscription to our Creative Workshop is paid, along with workshops and downloadable digital content.
6.2. Paid workshops can be purchased if the fee determined for each workshop is paid using the methods specified on the payment page and the specified information is filled in.
6.3. The subscription fee to our Creative Workshop is determined by the Company and announced on the website. The Company reserves the right to make changes in the fee. The subscription fee is paid in advance on a monthly basis until the subscription is terminated. Collection of monthly payments is made once every thirty (30) days, starting from the date of activation of the subscription. However, in cases where the selected payment method cannot be used or the fee cannot be collected, the collection date may change.
6.4. Downloadable digital content, paid private workshop or payments to be made by debit/credit card within the scope of our Creative Workshop, İyzi Payment and Electronic Para Hizmetleri A.Ş. (İyzico) through a virtual pos company, users are directed to the web page of Iyzico for payment. Financial information of users is not kept by our Creative Workshop. Therefore, the responsibility in this matter belongs to Iyzico.
6.5. The member undertakes that the debit/credit cards used during a one-time payment or monthly payment belong to him, and if he uses someone else's card, the cardholder has permission for payment. In case of payment with cards used without the cardholder's consent, all responsibility belongs to the member.
6.6. The company has the right to define special discount codes for the members for promotional purposes. However, this situation is unilateral and at the company's initiative, and there is no obligation to continue.
6.7. If a member of our Creative Workshop is late or in default on payment, their access to the service may be frozen or blocked. Upon completion of the payment, the member's access to the service will be restored. However, in case of delay in payment, the Company may demand reasonable penalty interest, reminder fee and, where applicable, legal debt collection costs from the member.
6.8. In the event that the Company collects fees in error, the fee will be refunded within 14 (fourteen) days from the day the notification to be made by the member is received by the Company.

7.1. The Company accepts, declares and undertakes that it has the legal authority regarding the services it provides and that it does not have any legal or other obstacles in providing the service.
7.2. All usage and savings rights on the website opened under the domain name belong to the Company.
7.3. The Company is not obliged to protect the copyrights of the Members in the articles they share on the website.
7.4. The Company is completely free to determine the scope and nature of the services to be offered on the website, and any changes to the services will be effective from the date they are published on the website.
7.5. The company is not responsible for the relations of the members with each other in our Creative Workshop.
7.6. As part of the service provided, the Company may communicate with members via telephone, e-mail, sms, whatsapp and similar digital tools.
7.7. The company will not be responsible for any errors or interruptions in the provision of the service due to internet interruptions, low speed or other disruptions in the internet service that the member is using. In addition, the Company reasonably considers that there is an epidemic, natural disaster, war, terrorist incident, government restriction, strike, lockout, labor shortage, commercial conflict, fire, explosion, flood or other natural event, or any other force majeure event that is beyond its control. cannot be held responsible for not being able to provide the service as required under this Agreement.
7.8. The Company may partially or wholly transfer its rights and obligations under the Agreement to third parties.

8.1. The Member accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she will act in accordance with all the conditions in this Agreement, the rules specified in the relevant parts of the site and all applicable legislation, while performing the membership procedures and benefiting from the services received, and that he understands and approves all the terms and rules specified in this Agreement.
8.2. The Member accepts, declares and undertakes that due to the content shared on the website, all rights of third parties, including intellectual and industrial property and personal rights, are not infringed, and that he is personally responsible for the damages and compensation claims incurred by third parties due to his own sharing.
8.3. The member is responsible for the control of his account and is responsible for not allowing inappropriate access to the service, not sharing his password and private details with anyone during his membership.
8.4. Our Creative Workshop subscriber is obliged to follow his subscription. The member who does not want to terminate the contract and pay the monthly subscription fee in the next month is obliged to terminate the new monthly membership period at the latest one day before. Otherwise, the subscription will be renewed in the following period and the automatically charged subscription fee will not be refunded.
8.5. The member whose subscription to our Creative Workshop has expired is personally obliged to record the data entered during the subscription period, and accepts that the Company has no obligation to keep and provide these records.
8.6. The Member cannot transfer his rights and obligations under this Agreement and the service to others, without the written consent of the Company.
8.7. Not to use his membership for fraudulent purposes or in connection with any other unlawful purpose; on the site, illegal, offensive (including but not limited to obscene, racist, hate speech), discriminatory, misleading, abusive, unacceptable, harassing, libelous and insulting, obscene, pornographic and intellectual property rights, trademarks, privacy It is responsible for not using expressions that violate its obligations, private life or personal rights and information or otherwise harm third parties.
8.8. The member accepts, declares and undertakes not to act to manipulate the operation of the website, and not to engage in deceptive, fraudulent or misleading transactions. Otherwise, the Member is responsible for all damages, including, but not limited to, the legal costs and attorney fees incurred by the Company.
8.9. The member is personally liable for all damages that he may cause directly or indirectly to third parties, and that the Company is not responsible for any lawsuit, loss or damage claims filed by third parties, and the compensation paid in case the Company is held liable to pay compensation in any lawsuit filed by third parties. and he accepts, declares and undertakes that he can be revoked in terms of all kinds of expenses, damages and the recourse fee will be paid unconditionally.
8.10. In case the Service is not provided properly for a reason originating from the Company, the member will be able to use his rights set forth in Article 15 of the Consumer Protection Law.

9.1. The Agreement will be valid from the creation of the membership registration and will end when the membership is terminated by the Company or the Member.
9.2. A member who wants to terminate his Creative Workshop membership; By logging into the settings section of the website, he will click the "delete my account" button and will be able to terminate his membership with the prompts that appear. With the deletion of the account, all data entered by the member in the past will be deleted irreversibly.
9.3. The member who wants to unsubscribe to our Creative Workshop will click the "unsubscribe" button in the settings section and will be able to terminate his subscription with the prompts that appear. However, upon the expiration of our Creative Workshop subscription, the data entered by the subscriber in the past will not be deleted and the person will be able to see their data when subscribing again. If the subscriber wishes to delete all his data, he will click the "delete my account" button in the settings section and will be able to delete all his data irreversibly.
9.4. Our Creative Workshop subscription will expire at the end of the month the subscription is cancelled, and the Agreement will cease to exist. The member who does not want to continue the membership in the next month is obliged to terminate the new monthly membership period at the latest one day before. Otherwise, the membership will be renewed within the following period and the automatically collected membership fee will not be refunded.
9.5. Upon termination of membership, all rights acquired due to the Agreement and membership will cease.
9.6. In the event that the member is suspected of violating the obligations set forth in this Agreement and in addition to these, applicable laws, rules and any regulations, the Company has the right to terminate or limit the member's use of the service by terminating the Agreement.

10.1. Pursuant to Article 15/1(ğ) of the Regulation on Distance Contracts based on the Consumer Protection Law No. 6502, the service provided by the Company is within the scope of the intangible goods delivered instantly in the electronic environment and is not included in the services that may be subject to the right of withdrawal. However, within the scope of this Agreement, the member has been granted the right of withdrawal within 14 days.
10.2. The Member has the right to withdraw within 14 days starting from the date of purchase of the service/product subject to the Agreement.
10.3. In order for the right of withdrawal to be exercised, the Member must have fulfilled the obligation to notify the withdrawal request within 14 days starting from the date of purchase, via e-mail to"> or by phone at (0532) 327 57 77. Requests that are not notified in due time will not be accepted. If a notice of withdrawal is made within the time limit, the Company returns the service/product fee and, if any, delivery costs to the Member within 14 days.

11.1. In accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“Law No. 6698”), the Company, in the capacity of data controller, provides the personal data obtained/to be obtained by the Company or shared or to be shared by the Member with the Company, and to provide the services requested by the Member in the most effective way, In order to improve the services offered, to ensure the uninterrupted maintenance and efficiency of the membership relationship, and/or for the purpose of creating and arranging the Member's personal account on the website and managing the membership transactions through the personal account and/or informing the members and customers about the campaigns and opportunities, or the price, marketing , to provide other opportunities, offers and information, to communicate effectively with the Members, to control the systems where the services are provided and to develop these systems, to prevent the illegal use of the services and for legal reasons other than those stipulated in the other legislation, personal and/v. Our Creative Workshop provides and processes personal data of special nature in accordance with the Clarification Text, Law No. 6698 and other relevant legislation.
11.2. The Member accepts and declares that he/she has read-understood the Enlightenment Text and that the obligation to enlighten is fully and completely fulfilled.

12.1. This Agreement and its implementation, interpretation and resolution of disputes shall be governed by Turkish Law.
12.2. To be valid within the borders of the Republic of Turkey, in disputes related to this Agreement; For disputes up to the value declared by the Ministry of Customs and Trade every year, the Provincial or District Consumer Arbitration Committees in the place where the consumer transaction is made or where the consumer's residence is located, in case of disputes above the said value, the Consumer Courts in the place where the consumer transaction is made or where the consumer's residence is located will be authorized.

Members can send their requests and complaints regarding membership transactions via e-mail to"> or via phone number (0532) 327 57 77. Complaints and applications submitted will be immediately recorded, evaluated and resolved by authorized units, and a response will be provided as soon as possible.

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