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If you have a story idea and do not know how to develop it, or if you are not sure whether the work you have written is progressing in the right direction, you can work with a writer's coach and finish your work with a great discipline, away from editing and continuity errors in a very short time.  

The writer coach provides you with technical support and guidance throughout your story and checks the format until the end of your work.



  • Writer coaching begins with building the bridge between the writer and his work. In the first meeting to be held between the writer coach and the author, the process is discussed, the work is evaluated and the work plan is determined. The first aim is to draw a road map during the preparation of the work in its fictional integrity and ready for publication.

  • Author coaching provides technical support for the author to be able to write a work without errors. During the consultation, the author's entire story is checked by the writer's coach, the coach gives the necessary notifications for technical corrections, and the sections are thus structured without errors by the author.

  • Writer coaching progresses with 4 monthly online meetings and online counseling during the writing phase. In online meetings; Weekly progress is reported. The fictional mapping of the Story is discussed, checking and weekly evaluation of the author's progress on this map.

  • The duration of the consultancy may vary according to the time needed in the structuring of the work. The duration of the study is determined jointly by the author coach and the author.

  • All work with the author is subject to a confidentiality agreement. The work is completed so that all rights of the work belong to the author. The writer's coach is only responsible for counseling.


  • Participants in creative writing training

  • Those who have an original story idea and want to write it

  • Those who want to continue their unfinished stories

  • Those who are ambitious enough to write a good book

How Does Author Coaching Work?

Who Can Get Writer Coaching?

The Writer Coaching program is carried out in the form of a package program with one-to-one online interviews. 
For detailed information, please fill out the form.

Writer Coaching Application Form
Mevcut Kitaplar
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