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çocuk maratonu

A pleasant training awaits you, where we will talk about the intricacies, rules, general features, technical structures and sine qua non of writing a children's book. With the knowledge you will gain during your education, you will be one step closer to your dream of writing a children's book.

Our workshop is designed to prepare you fully equipped about Children's Books and to carry you to the goal of writing your own book , with live lessons, practice assignments and instructor consultancy for a 2-week period.  



LIVE Lessons + Story Applications + Private Whatsapp Consulting Group

What is the Purpose of the Children's Book Writing Workshop?

It provides an appropriate level of information content for anyone who wants to write a children's book. It aims at acquiring the basic information about the children's book and reinforcing the technical information with practice.

You will reinforce what you learned in the live lessons with applications and share them with your instructor and participants in the Whatsapp group, and you will continue the training process interactively for two weeks.  

How will the Children's Book Writing Workshop take place ?

Our workshop will be held via Google Meet. The meeting code and participation details will be shared in our group created specifically for our participants who have completed the registration process.

Who Can Participate?

Suitable for participants of all levels who are interested in children's books. No experience requirement is required.  

How can I register?

To register, simply click the registration button on the page, fill out the form and complete your payment.

After completing your payment transactions, you will be contacted via Whatsapp within the day and you will receive a message stating that your registration has been completed.  

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