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He was born on 20 June in Istanbul.

After completing his primary and secondary education at Şişli Terakki High School, he completed his undergraduate degree at Marmara University, Faculty of Communication, Radio and Television Cinema Department, and his master's degree in Advertising and Publicity at the same faculty. She started her literary career with her columns on women's and men's relationships in monthly magazines and women's portals. Simultaneously, he specialized in the field of communication consultancy and worked in the field of corporate communication.  After completing his Life Coaching and NLP expertise trainings, he specialized in the field of education consultancy.

After her first novel, Zamane Aşk, in a short time like five years, Anatomy of an Unbalanced Love, Anatomy of an Unstable Man, Every End is a Beginning and Will You Be the Leading Role of My Life? published his novels.

He started to give personal trainings, workshops and seminars to guide many people with his work in the field of creative writing. It also provides author coaching for writers and writer candidates, and offers comprehensive training and consultancy to people who want to publish a book.


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Basında Duygu Özlem Yücel
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