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Advanced Creative Writing Workshop is a comprehensive online training module planned with 4-week courses.

Our workshop is programmed with the participants of the Creative Writing Workshop who want to take themselves to an advanced level.

A minimum of 4 participants is required.


Working of the Workshop

  • Classes take place once a week and last 90 minutes.

  • 45 minutes of advanced theoretical training - Progress is made by structuring projects for 45 minutes.

  • During the lessons, studies are carried out on the creation of a dramatic structure, the planning of the work and plan applications, the structuring of the fiction elements and the writing process.

  • Throughout the training; every creative writer works on their own project, pushing it forward.  

The Goal of the Workshop

It is aimed to start and complete the short story, story or novel work by putting all the theoretical knowledge learned into practice.


It is foreseen that the work will be completed at the end of 3 courses.

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Creative Writing Workshop participants can fill out the form to receive information about the next advanced workshop.  

Advanced Creative Writing Information Form
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