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Öykü Yazma Maratonu

Whatsapp Group Work

The quota is limited to 6 people.

What is the Purpose of the 7-Day Story Marathon?

It provides information content at the appropriate level for anyone who wants to write a story and aims to improve himself in fiction works. It aims to gain hands-on story writing experience.

How Does Group Work Over Whatsapp Work?

Your work begins in your Whatsapp group, which will be set up specially for you on the training start date.

There is a maximum of 6 people in the group and your trainer Duygu Özlem Yücel.

A two-step learning process operates in the group.

First step;

It is a main story editing project. A day is assigned for group members. Then you will be sent a story start with the joint file on the first day of the marathon.  

Each day, a group member continues the written story in the order of the designated day. The 7th day is the final day of the story and considering the fiction created until that day, everyone writes their own final and shares it with the group.

The main story construction exercise; It aims to improve your editing skills, learn to maintain continuity, increase your command of long fiction and gain story planning experience.

The main story plot is evaluated daily with your instructor.

Second step;

Creative writing exercises are given to you every day for 7 days, aiming to improve your story-making skills, and you are asked to practice in the light of this information.

The story works written in the light of daily exercises are shared with the group.

Your instructor evaluates all your work, gives you the necessary feedback to improve yourself, and allows you to progress step by step.

You do not have to have a certain hour to do group applications. You can make the application of the day in the time zone you are available that day and send it.  

Who Can Participate?

Suitable for participants of all levels interested in story work. No experience requirement is required.  

How can I register?

To register, simply click the registration button on the page, fill out the form and complete your payment.

After completing your payment transactions, we will receive a message on your phone that your registration has been completed via Whatsapp within the day.  

Photos from the marathon...

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