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LIVE Lessons + Story Applications + Private Whatsapp Consulting Group

Comments from our workshop participants

Creative Writing Workshop; It is a 6-week comprehensive online training module. It is aimed to receive comprehensive basic training in this process with live lessons, story applications and whatsapp trainer consultancy.


Throughout our workshop; Starting from the creative idea generation process, you will learn all the information you need to construct an idea, reinforce what you have learned with applications and complete the process by taking your creative writing skills to the next level.


You will learn writing techniques at all levels in the creative writing workshop designed for those who want to step into the world of creative writing and develop their creativity and writing skills and explore their own world of writing.

Whether you are dreaming of expanding your personal interests or aiming to write professionally, the Creative Writing Workshop will provide you with the theoretical equipment you need and reinforce the knowledge you have gained with practical applications, allowing you to have a real learning experience.

It is aimed that you will create your own works with the editing skills you will acquire in our workshop, where theoretical knowledge is blended with practice and each lesson is designed delicately.

Working of the Workshop

• Classes are held on Wednesdays between 20.00-21.30 on Google Meet.
• Workshop work files are presented to the participants in the joint file before the program.
• After the theoretical knowledge, the two-way training process is applied with practical applications.

Who Can Participate;

  • Anyone who loves to write and wants to improve themselves can attend the Creative Writing Workshop. Our program is suitable for anyone who has done or not done writing work before.

  • How can you start writing?

  • What are the ways to develop your imagination?

  • How do you improve your observation power?

  • How is a story structured?

  • What are the elements of storytelling?

  • How to create a believable story, characters?

  • What are the ways to write good dialogue?

  • How is the dramatic structure constructed and how is the editing planned?

  • How to develop creative writing skills with writing practices?

During the creative writing workshop, you will learn the answers to all these questions and reach the technical level to plan and write a work.

The subjects you will specialize in and the order of the courses to be covered during the workshop are as follows;

What will you learn in the creative writing workshop?


  • Ways to Find Good Ideas

  • Activating the Creative Thinking Process

  • Stages of Developing a Good Idea

  • Idea Development Applications


  • Three-Dimensional Character Design

  • Creation of a Credible Atmosphere

  • Conflict and Fiction Construction

  • Plot and Story Planning

  • Correct Use of Dialogue

  • Editing on the Axis of Style and Perspective

  • Stages of Creating Dramatic Structure

  • Ways to Prepare the Satisfying Structure of the Finale



  • Rewrite And Error Correction Process

  • Communication and File Editing Studies with Publishers

You have a message from our trainer Duygu Özlem Yücel.

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