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Transformation workshop with writing is a 10-day change, transformation and awareness workshop.

By using the therapeutic power of writing, it allows you to know yourself and strengthen your awareness in your journey of discovery called life.

During the transformation work, you will learn to approach the past with a different perspective, realize the emotions you have now, express and transform their negative effects in writing, and develop a solid step strategy for the future.

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 (5 days)

We carry the positive and negative traces of the past in our lives and we continue our lives in this way. Most of the time, positive traces come from the source that strengthens us.  we are fed. But life doesn't just move forward with positive influence. There are times when we cannot prevent negative traces from holding us back.

If we have buried the negative traces of the past deep in the subconscious, it is not easy to dig it up.

Caterpillar week to you; It offers a 5-day writing cycle that will allow you to discover and transform positive and negative tracks by typing.

We prepare to weave our cocoon by working on the past awareness of that day within our circle of transformation.


Caterpillar; It is a journey of recognizing and recognizing the past.

The Caterpillar cycle is completed with the writing work to be done in live lessons of 30 minutes a day for 5 days.



(4 days)

The cocoon is the representation of our world that we weave with our emotions, and in this cycle we focus on our emotions. Because the ability to recognize and transform our emotions not only allows us to know ourselves better, but also increases our quality of life. Cocoon week to you; It offers a return to confronting, accepting and transforming both negative and positive awareness of emotions carried from the past to the present.


Cocoon; It is a journey of knowing yourself and your feelings.

The Koza cycle is completed with writing exercises to be done in live lessons of 30 minutes a day for 4 days.


 (1 day)

The final step of the transformation journey is accomplished with future work. After the past and emotion awareness and transformations are completed, it is time to analyze the fuzzy or postponed plans for the future so that they can be made unhindered.

Analysis is the preparation for flight of the butterfly emerging from the cocoon.


Butterfly; It is a journey of planning and taking action by analyzing a future.

On the last day of the transformation workshop, the Butterfly cycle is completed with a 40-minute live lesson with text analysis studies.


It is suitable for the participation of anyone who wants to improve their awareness.

10 days

30 Minutes a Day

It includes a total of 5 hours of writing therapy.

Those who complete the Transformation Workshop will be able to continue sharing in the Transformation Special Group.



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