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Creative Writing

You will learn creativity and writing techniques at all levels in this training designed for those who want to step into the world of creative writing and develop their creativity and writing skills and explore their own creative writing world.

Our workshop offers you the most informative and enjoyable way of writing.

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Transformation with Text 

İleri Seviye Yazarlık Atölyesi

Creative Writing Workshop

Our creative writers, who have taken the Basic Creative Writing Workshop and want to take themselves one step further, can write stories in this workshop. will learn planning and advanced technical narrative structures, will be able to start planning and writing their own stories and bring story ideas to life.  

Anlatsam Roman Olur Atölyesi

If I tell it, it will be a novel 

Do you have a life story that you think would be a novel if I told you, or a moment that you can never forget?

The turning point of his life...

In this workshop, while learning how to write a real life story, we enable you to process and immortalize your own story step by step. 

Transformation workshop with writing is a 10-day change, transformation and awareness workshop.

By using the therapeutic power of writing, it allows you to know yourself and strengthen your awareness in your journey of discovery called life.

During the transformation work, you learn to approach the past with a different perspective, realize the emotions you have now, express and transform their negative effects in writing, and develop a solid step strategy for the future.

Yazı İle Dönüşüm Atölyesi

Introduction to the Story

The introductory storytelling seminar is our online seminar where you get basic information about writing a story and editing, you get an idea about the elements of fiction, you make applications about the framework of the story, and in this way, you get the information you need to improve yourself and catch up with your shortcomings. 

Hikaye Giriş Semineri
Öykü Yazma Maratonu

7 Days 
Story Writing Marathon

Story Writing Marathon; for all writing enthusiasts  It is our Whatsapp group workshop that includes writing exercises and story writing at an appropriate level. The aim is to develop editing skills, find story topics and trigger the creative idea finding process with group work.

Children's Book Writing Marathon

Children's Story Writing Marathon, which is prepared for those who want to learn the fictional elements of writing a children's book with theoretical knowledge and blend them with practice, invites you into a colorful world of creative writing for 5 days.

Çocuk Kitabı Yazma Maratonu

Children's Book Writing

Children's Book Writing Workshop; It is our full-capacity online workshop program prepared with content suitable for anyone who wants to write a children's book, where you will have the chance to practice the techniques while learning the basic features of writing a children's book. 

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